Anti-Cimex interview from Problem Child zine

Here is an interview with Anti-Cimex from the UK zine Problem Child, issue 2. It's from the period between the final EP and the first 12" (ie, 1985). Not much revealed here, other than their plan for the 12" to have more than 10 songs and their distaste for fast US hardcore. Their influences, from glam to industrial to what you'd expect, are always interesting to consider, but these have been listed in other interview from the period.

Two Anti-Cimex Interviews (which are both the same interview)

In opposition to the top-down, hierarchical model of infotainment peddled to the masses by Shit-Fi, here are some crowd-sourced scans of interviews with Anti-Cimex. Turns out this interview in Sub #7 was later published in Sika Äpärä #2. I had intended to post these myself, as the Leader (etc), but now there's no need. Thanks to Tony for not insulting my laziness in his post. Thanks also to whoever sold that issue of Sub to me way back when. If only I instead had bought a time machine on eBay, I would've known that eventually it would turn up on teh internetz courtesy of a real punx. Other uses for time machine: sniffing glue at an Anti-Cimex gig in 1982, convincing Anti-Cimex to break up in 1984 after "VOAB", stealing master tape of Shitlickers 7" and pressing it as a 4xLP. The idioty. The idioty.

Sub interview page 1Sub interview page 2

Anti-Cimex Interview from Finnish zine, 1982

The Finnish blog Saapasnahkatorni has published an interview with Jonsson from Anti-Cimex, originally printed in an old Finnish zine. Thankfully, it's been translated into English.


Steffi: What do you do on your free time?

T.J: We play, drink, fuck and puke.

Go here for a scan and the rest of the interview.

Thanks to Tony in Hackney for forwarding this to me originally.


Interview with Lasse, vocalist of Shitlickers

The Shitlickers have an "official" Myspace page, on which is posted the following interview with singer Lasse, conducted by Christ of Driller Killer. I'm posting this interview here because many people do not have access to Myspace, and, beyond that, the interview is available only to their Myspace friends. In case anyone gives a shit, this publication is in accordance with fair use copyright laws.

I first tried to contact Lasse circa 2000. After multiple attempts, I gave up. Nevertheless, this interview is akin to what I would've hoped to have produced with him. It's remarkably interesting and actually contains more information than I'd expected. Some highlights are the description of line-up changes and the evolution in sound; the existence of a live tape (which Lasse says he won't share); the recording process for the EP (including a reference to Felix Havoc's fantasy); Lasse's positioning of the Shitlickers in the history of Swedish punk. I could go on. It's an awesome read, and, of course, it leaves me craving more information.

I have not edited the text in any way, except for the deletion of an emoticon.

Finally, Lasse, if you're reading, I'll give you a copy of the original record, which you need, if you'll dub the live tape for me.

Interview from Punk and Disorderly zine

Here's a rather typical interview of an '80s hardcore band (Anti-Cimex, in this case) from the Swedish fanzine Punk and Disorderly. Thank you to Patrik Sjosten for the scan and Peter Jidling for the translation. The introduction is included.

Cimex Punk and Disorderly 1

Cimex Punk and Disorderly 2

Interview from Paid in Full zine

This one-page interview appeared in the UK fanzine Paid in Full #3 in November 1985.


1. Discussion of pressing information: "Raped Ass," three pressings, with one on the way; "Victims of a Bombraid," one pressing, with another on the way.

2. Influences: formerly Alice Cooper, Sabbath, Discharge, Chaos UK, etc.; now, Billy Idol, Damned, Alan Vega, Blondie, Chaos UK, etc.

3. Regarding the "Really Fast" LP: "Our songs is shit on compl actual the demo tape goes too slow therefore such strength guitar sound."

Paid in Full interview

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