"Fanx—Live 83" Compilation Cassette, featuring Anti-Cimex

Old news to some, perhaps: on the awesome Swedish Punk Fanzines blog, there is a post of the "Fanx—Live 83" cassette, released by Really Fast. (The site has done an excellent interview with Patrik from Really Fast as well; he was a source of info for some of my earliest writing about Swedish hardcore).

The Greatest Flyer of All Time

Here is the greatest flyer of all time, for what was the greatest gig of all time. Thanks to Tony, who reports: "This photo was taken by my friend Masken at Jonsson's house yesterday. This was Jonsson's first time seeing Skitslickers and of course he was asked to join the band shortly after." See also this post, which is by Masken.

Anti-Cimex "Bootleg Live!" Flyer

A buddy of mine just acquired a copy of "Raped Ass" pressed on clear vinyl, with the two-piece R. Cobb sleeve (see here). It includes an advert flyer I've never before seen. The flyer is for a recording called "Bootleg Live!" released on Hardcore Horror Rec. And the flyer actually looks a bit like a j-card. But I've never seen such a release.

Lovely Downtown Göteborg

Here's a great photo of three punks hanging out in the Haga neighborhood in Göteborg, circa 1983. Notice the poster hanging in the window.

Before Anti-Cimex: Kloak, Avfall, Bombhot, Bohman Brinner

Serious fans of Skitslickers and Anti-Cimex may already know that there were at least four bands that included Tomas Jonsson before the classic bands were formed. These bands were Kloak, Bombhot, Avfall, and Bohman Brinner. But only recently, to my knowledge, has any documentation of the existence of the first two—Kloak and Bombhot—circulated among collectors.

Classic Anti-Cimex Flyers (1986) [updated]

Here is a flyer for what must have been one of the greatest gigs of 1986, at Birkagården, with Anti-Cimex, Mob 47, Agoni, and Disarm. Just pause and savor that line-up for a moment. Mob 47 were blazingly fast then; recordings from around this time appear on their 2xCD, reviewed elsewhere on this site. Disarm may have been somewhat less great than earlier in their career but probably still awesome. The short-lived Agoni were likely at their peak, before shifting directions and becoming a metal band. And Anti-Cimex in 1986 were brutal, drunk, and in the process of inventing metallic käng, which would become a dominant style of Swedish hardcore in the ensuing years. 

Birkagarden gig w/ Agoni

Early Anti-Cimex gigs in Finland, vol. 2

I previously posted about a gig in Naantali, Finland, where Anti-Cimex played with Vaurio (October 6, 1984). I had reported that this gig was the only one the band played in Finland in the early years. But I seem to have forgotten that this other poster was in my files. It lists two other gigs: one on the 5th in Turku and one on the 7th in Saari (I think), near the aptly named Punkaharju. Does anyone remember these gigs? Totally killer line-up here: Crude SS, Varaus, and Bedrövlerz, among others. The depressive brutality of these bands' take on hardcore combined with gallons of Finnish homebrew makes me think the punks must've experienced legendary hangovers when, or if, they ever sobered up. Hey, while we're at it: is it true Bedrövlerz recorded a cassette after their split with Asocial?

Cimex in Finland

Anti-Cimex / Agoni tour poster

Here's a tour poster from the 1986 Anti-Cimex / Agoni tour of the UK. It's in the classic style of tour posters sent to promoters for them to fill in the local details. Funny (meaning "not so funny") that this simple device is probably going the way of the dodo due to the Internet. Perhaps unsurprisingly it seems Anti-Cimex were fans of horror films.

Chainsaw Tour poster

Anti-Cimex + Discharge

The internet's bounty overfloweth.

Go here for some photos of Discharge and a gig poster for Discharge and Anti-Cimex in Göteborg in 1982. Photos of Anti-Cimex from these gigs have been circulated widely by Distortion Records and bootleggers.

But is there a live tape?

"Punk Not Rasism" Swedish Gig Listing

I should be embarrassed to post something that looks as poor as this, but I'm feeling shameless today. I can't remember where I found this tiny scan. It appears to be a listing of a week's worth of Swedish hardcore gigs at Cafe Ceasar (yes, that's how it's spelled). My guess is it was in April 1984. What a week: Rattus, SOD, Anti-Cimex, Existenz, TA.S.K., etc.! Punk not Rasism forever!

Swedish gig listing

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