Anti-Cimex 3-song Video

A previously unknown (to me, at least) video of Anti-Cimex has surfaced on YouTube. Check it out here. As videos have a tendency to disappear, get your views in now. Otherwise, we may end up with dead links, as in this earlier post.

The three songs on the video are "Game of the Arseholes"; "I Skuggan Av Ett Krig", originally on the "Really Fast" LP, the first in that compilation series; and "When the Innocent Die."

Andra Takter: Sixten of Anti-Cimex on film

An archival discovery set the internet ablaze in the last couple days. E-mails have been shooting around the globe, followed by eager posts on message boards and blogs. Everyone is so excited about a simply sublime short film released in 1985 that documents some moments in the life of a young punk rocker, Sixten Andersson, who played bass on "Victims of a Bombraid." The flim was posted on a newly opened archival site produced by a Swedish television station.

One pal who e-mailed me about the discovery said this:

Anti-Cimex Live in the UK Videos

Recently posted to YouTube is a three-part video of Anti-Cimex playing live in Nottingham, England, on their 1986 tour.

Part one (including the end of Heresy's set):

Anti-Cimex video (Leeds, UK, 1986)

1/13/11 post correction: This video is not from Leeds. See this post for more information.

I had heard this video existed a year or two ago, but no one seemed to have a copy of it. Youtube to the rescue. This video displays some pretty fascinating aspects of mid-'80s Cimex. Their detractors always claimed that they were Discharge clones, changing their style as Discharge did. This video seems to substantiate that claim: check out Jonsson's fashion choices. Luckily his vocals remained intense as ever. (One wonders if Cal ever beat himself in the head with the microphone.) Musically, the band is strong, playing the same songs it seems they played--or attempted to play--at all the UK tour dates. "Game of the Arseholes" is particularly great in this video. But how many of those gigs ended like this one? An intro and not even three songs into it, the drummer walks off stage, perhaps because Jonsson had too disappeared. Maybe they were both annoyed at the guitar cutting out. Or maybe someone off screen was offering free drugs and booze. Another highlight is that there are two drummers, which was supposedly true at all the UK tour dates. The back of the "s/t" 12" depicts the second drummer and says that he was a member of the band, in charge of percussion. A great photo, possibly from the same gig, was printed in Maximum Rocknroll's photo zine Welcome to Cruise Country, which is below. Anyway, not much else to say here, except that this video is awesome. I've also been informed that the gig in this video was not in Leeds, but that's what the Youtube video title says, so I'll leave it like that here to avoid confusion.

Here's the link:

Anti-Cimex from Welcome to Cruise Country

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