Skitslickers graffiti

Thanks to Tony Gunnarsson, who sent me a link, here is a photo of original Skitslickers graffiti painted on the wall of a squat in Gothenburg. The photo is from a scanned porno magazine, which published a report on the squat scene in the city in the early 1980s. The article also mentions Tattooed Copcocks (Tatuerade Snutkukar). Incredible find, I think.

Skitslickers graffiti

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If you want to contribute something, please send an email to explaining what you have, how you obtained it, and any other pertinent details. Please do not send files without inquiring first, but do be prepared to send high-quality scans or sound files.
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Watch this space for the Anti-Cimex and Skitslickers archive, which will include donated content as well as material from my own collection. Anti-Cimex is one of my favorite bands, and I have collected a good deal of related ephemera (interviews, flyers, etc.) in addition to the records. I had originally intended to publish a book or fanzine collection of all the material, but it seems impossible to track down all of it (and too expensive!). With this format, anyone who has a piece to contribute to the archive will be able to do so, sharing it with other fans at no cost.
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