The Aborted

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“Wolf Dog b/w I Need Pills” 7" (Puke N Vomit Records)

By Daniel Stewart

Two songs that will be the jewel in the crown of the future generation’s Redrum Records fanatic. “Wolf Dog” is a complete anomaly in the history of The Aborted, a mediocre street punk band from California that have been around for over a decade and have released several 7"s, all of which, save this classy piece, are disposable and instantly forgettable.

This record is a great example of a band setting out to play a style of music and discovering hardcore by accident. When you hear about how the Bad Brains wanted to sound like Mahavishnu Orchestra crossed with the Sex Pistols, or how Greg Ginn wanted to sound like Johnny Ramone (Johnny fuckin’ Ramone!), then you are prepared for what was probably a case of a couple of drunk guys combining GG Allin’s “Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, and Junkies” and a bunch of amphetamines. It’s free of references to hardcore because it seems to have been made in a vacuum where hardcore did not exist.

I tracked down a member and asked him about it. His response, sans any attempt to edit on my part:

We have been playing since 95. That record probably came out 6 years ago maybe 5 i dont remember. nothing much to say about the band we were pretty crazy in our younger days but underated , we basically played through 2 generations the early days were more parties (not so many punks) with gang members and crazy peole that like to party, and now there are tons of punks. most havent seen us cause they dont go to shows when we play(ed) so its really weird for us, i think people will care 10 years from now.

half of us are 30 and newer members are in there mid late 20s, we are from orange county, not too many gangs but there are few rought areas, you ever hear of the suicidals? they were an old gang that hung out in venice and liked suicidal tendencies alot, some of those types came to OC. otherwise orage county is the happiest place on earth(disneyland).  lets just put it this way we have played parties where people have goy there face pounde din slashed and there has been gun fire at a party we played at?

It seems stupid to leave it there, but in my country, a gunfight at a party is excuse for national news. Pretend you live in a primitive land where gun control exists, and the gravity of that statement becomes heavy enough to close a short and punctual review of what should be your new favorite record to listen to while you carve obscenities into your forearms with kitchen appliances. Anybody who likes the sounds of isolated small-town USA / Italian hardcore in the 80s or has heard of Non Commercial Records, will probably get a kick out of the idiotic, retarded howling and scumbag attitude of these two songs. Of a pressing of 300 copies from 6 years ago there are still plenty of copies available from the record label, Puke N Vomit.

Listen: "I Need Pills"