Skitslickers Gig Review

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Over at the Victims of a Bombraid blog, our main man Masken has posted a review of a Skitslickers gig that originally appeared in the Swedish fanzine Blaskan. The gig was on January 30, 1982, at a place called Rockers. 

Tony Gunnarsson translated it for me, in his words a "rough and ready translation":

Rawpunk at Rockers

Saturday 30th of January played Pannta sisters, Skit slickers, Kurt I Kuvos and some other raw punk bands at Rockers in Gothenburg. The concert which should have started at 19:00 started instead at 20:00, because of a problem with the drum kit. First Kurt I Kuvos played. Kurt I Kuvos was a trio that played quite musically. After Kurt I Kuvos there was a break of one hour. After the break a band played which I did not really understood what their name was. They played a lot of other bands songs. When they played The Exploited’s “Fuck Off mods” there was a dude who went up on the stage and kicked the drum kit. The drummer Magnus who probably was a skinhead got pissed off and punched the dude with his drum sticks and then the dude got angry and kicked over the drum kit. Then a fight broke out that was over in a few minutes. Then came the wonderful Skit slickers. They are so far the rawest punk group I have heard of except Disorder. The best song that Skit slickers played is “Sprackta Snutskalla”. Skit slickers was a band of 4 heads [ ‘skins’ or just ‘persons’ could both fit here, the original Swedish word ‘skalle’ can mean both, as in ‘skinnskalle’, I am not sure which is intended --translator]. Then there was Destroy. DESTROY was a band like Ksmb (2 singers). They were quite good except the microphones was pretty shit. After Destroy had played Anti zimex played. When they played a man came up and laid down on the stage. The singer of Anti zimex sat down on the stage in strike, Asta Kask were also going to play but the guitarist was so drunk that he could not stand on his legs got pissed off and went home to Toreboda again, the rest of the guys I did not see anywhere. IT IS ridiculous that the musicians have to drink right before they are going to play, of half the bands the musicians were at any rate drunk. Another thing that was also quite irresponsible was that the volume was turned up to max, otherwise the concert was very good. THIS was everything I had time for before I went home to nap.

Pretty great stuff if you ask me. There is very little written in English that I have seen on the few Skitslickers gigs. Years ago, I retold a story a correspondent related to me about his experience seeing them. Hopefully more bits and pieces like this will trickle out. In that spirit, here's a photo of the guitarist, Jimmy, from an old fanzine. I hadn't seen this before either. Thanks for everything, Tony.

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