Shit List

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Shit-Fi Essentials

Though this list is incomplete and always subject to change, here are some records that any aficionado of truly sublime bad music should know well. But don’t read too much into the list. Some records are clearly on the cusp and are included or excluded based solely on the level of “Je ne sais quoi” I perceive in them. Primitive recording, reckless abandon, lack of traditional chops, earliness/lateness for the trend, crapulence, geographic/political/lyrical marginality, and general WTF-ness are all considered.

Afterbirth “Who’s In There?” 7"

Besthöven “Depois De Um Ataque Aéreo” 7"

Blasphemy "Fallen Angel of Doom" LP

Church Mice “Babe, We’re Not A Part of Society” 7"

Confuse “Spending Loud Night” 7"

Desperate Bicycles “Medium Was Tedium” 7"

Dirt Shit “Discoscheisser” 7"

Discharge (of Discharge/Filth split 7")

The Door and the Window 7" yellow sleeve

Dot Vaeth Group “Armed Robbery” 7"

Electric Eels “Cyclotron” 7"

Exit Hippies split 7" with Tantrum

Four Plugs “Biking Girl” 7"

Germs “Forming” 7"

Hasil Adkins “She Said/Truly Ruly” 7"

Index 1st LP

Injections “Prison Walls” 7" and BCT cassette (released as “Prison Walls” LP by RaveUp)

Insanity Live 85 rehearsal demo

Kuolema and Sekunda ’82–’83 comp appearances (“Hardcore ’82” and “Russia Bombs Finland” LPs, “Lasta” 7")

V/A “La Ciudad Podrida” LP

Los Punk Rockers “Los Exitos de Sex Pistols” LP

Mike Rep & the Quotas “Rocket to Nowhere” 7" & “Mama Was A Schizo” 7"

Negative FX 1982 demos (released on LP by Parts Unknown)

Noxious (“Sunday Fools” from V/A “Utreg Punx” 7")

Parabellum “Sacrilegio” 12”

Plasmid demo (released on 7" by Shortfuse)

Polo Pepo “San Felipe Es Punk” 7"

Psycho Sin “You Axed For It” 7"

Randy Alvey and the Green Fuz “s/t” 7"

Rats “Rats Revenge Parts 1 and 2” 45

Revenge “Our Generation” 7"

Rondos “Russians Are Coming” flexi

Los Saicos “Demolicíon” 7"

The Shaggs "Philosophy of the World" LP

Shitlickers “Cracked Cop Skulls” 7"

Silver “Do You Wanna Dance” 7"

Solger “Raping Dead Nuns” 7"

SPK 1st three 7"s

State Children “A Bomb Shelter for the Moneymaking” flexi

Tampax (split 7" with Hitler SS, “Bastard Day” 7", etc)

Tapeworm “Break My Face” 7"

Teddy & the Fratgirls 12” (same as Sheer Smegma 7" but with extra tracks)

Teenage PhDs 7"

Terveet Kadet “Rock Laahausta Vastaan” 7"

Ulster, SP Caos, Ruidos Absurdos, Olho Seco, Armagedom demo/live/rehearsal tapes

Urinals three 7"s (here) (here) (and here)

Vulcan “Meet Your Ghost” LP

V/A “Weird Noise” 7"

Wretched from split 7" w/ Indigesti

Xenofobia “Presionados” LP

(Update, January 2017: some of the above links may be outdated, but here is a discogs list that includes everything.)