Bohman Brinner Recordings Unearthed!

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A few years ago, when I posted about the pre–Anti-Cimex bands Kloak, Bombhot, Avfall, and Bohman Brinner, one of the things I said was that no Bohman Brinner recordings or photos seemed to be extant. Yet Bohmann Brinner was the band that was closest to Anti-Cimex in the genealogy. Now, thanks to Nillen, the original singer of Anti-Cimex, who later went on to sing in DNA, we finally have recordings of Bohman Brinner available. They are remarkable, particularly because we can hear embryonic Anti-Cimex tuneage in them. Nillen posted three songs on Soundcloud: "Heroindöd," which became a Cimex song on the first EP, "Fattiga och Rika," and "Kyrkan Är en Bluff." There is also an attached photo of a flyer, which appears to date to the days of Bohman Brinner. It's got classic adolescent punky artwork. By the way, Gösta Bohman was a Swedish politician who came to prominence in the 1970s. "Brinner" means "burns."

Here are the three songs. I wonder if there are any others available. In my original post about them, I had said there were four songs recorded, but that may have been incorrect, as I believe Nillen was the source of the original info anyway. 

The songs have a pronounced UK 82 vibe to my ears. Pretty great to hear in context but not nearly as earth-shattering as what would come next from these dudes. 

On Nillen's Soundcloud page, you can also hear a live DNA track, which is pretty cool. It's more rough and urgent than most of the DNA stuff on vinyl.

We should all be very grateful to Nillen for making these tracks freely available!

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