The Shitlickers 1997 World Tour

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Well, this is hilarious.

Tom of General Speech wrote with some fascinating findings, thanks to, uh, nutso googling skills.

In a 1997 alt.punk usenet posting (if you don't know what that means, congratulations), someone reported having met a member (Jimmy) of The Shitlickers at a Johnny Cash concert. Jimmy offered proverbial words—"we're getting the band back together"—and discussed a planned tour, as well as new recordings.

Needless to say, neither actually happened. But we can all imagine what it would've been like. Oh wait, most of you probably weren't born yet and/or were listening to Green Day, not Shitlickers, in 1997. But now you have Shitlickers tattoos. The rest of us know what usenet means. 

Here is the original posting:

Listen to this!
Last Sunday ( On a Johnny Cash concert!!:) I bumped into Jimmy of Swedens old, trusty SHITLICKERS! He said they're gonna put out a CD with fresh, new hardcore stuff next spring! AND, if this wasn't enough, they're obviously preparing for a 10 day tour of Japan AND some festival appearances in Europe next summer!! Guess where I'll be...

Finally, there's some new stuff coming out! Sure, there's the newly released CD with old stuff, but it's gonna be fuckin great to see what
the best live act I ever saw can do after all these years!

Hell, I even heard there's a fucking techno group doing covers of War System and Armed Revolution!

Keep those Cop Skulls Cracked!

Later, the original poster wrote:

I'm telling you they are AWESOME on stage! Wildest bunch there is! I still got scars from the Big Bust gig and if the cops had broke that up, there would have been a fuckin war!

Read the rest for yourself. It's a bit like time travel. Only your time machine takes you to the worst possible time imaginable, the late 90s. 






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