Anti-Cimex "Bootleg Live!" Flyer

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A buddy of mine just acquired a copy of "Raped Ass" pressed on clear vinyl, with the two-piece R. Cobb sleeve (see here). It includes an advert flyer I've never before seen. The flyer is for a recording called "Bootleg Live!" released on Hardcore Horror Rec. And the flyer actually looks a bit like a j-card. But I've never seen such a release. In all likelihood it probably is a cassette, and it probably is the cassette actually released with the simple title "Live!" I wrote about it here. Unlike the sleeve that you can see here for this cassette, the photo in the flyer here seems more or less contemporaneous, whereas the other sleeve artwork looks to be from a somewhat later moment. Still, the two-piece sleeve for the clear-vinyl "Raped Ass" definitely came several years after the fact. 


Anti Cimex Tape

Hi, just got a copy of this via e-mail as I did the actual Cassette back then I can sort out some for you....there were only approax 50 copies made of the tape. They were copies on white CS ...recording was made a birkagården sthlm also appears on rosa honung box as a part, good sound pa soundboard recording, this was a flyer printed back in -86 and was obviously put into some of the sold copies of the Raped ass ep so you could buy the tape, but at the time people certainly wasnt interested in tapes anymore and the product was drawn back and mostly printed material was thrown away....

Mats, thank you so much for the comment. Great to hear from you. -Stuart

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