Shit-Fi Radio Volume 1: Protopunk

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Shit-Fi Radio Volume 1: Protopunk

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1. Rotomagus “Fightin’ Cock” (France, 71[?])
2. Antorcha “Nada” (Mexico, 67)
3. Los Amigos De María “Vuelve a Comenzar” (Chile, 73 [released, recorded earlier])
4. Clem East “Jupiter” (Australia, 79)
5. Vibracion “Vuelve a Mí” (Spain, 72)
6. Velvet Underground “White Light, White Heat” (US, 69 [from “Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes”])
7. Third World War “Ascencion Day” (UK, 71)
8. 3/3 “???” (Japan, 75)
9. Coloured Balls “Won’t You Make Up Your Mind” (Australia, 73)
10. The Jam “Friends” (Germany, 70)
11. Docdail “Aere Perennius” (France, 69)


Special thanks to Joao, Paco, Luke, and Troy for mind expansion and info.