Cimexleaks: Photo Dump

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I previously posted that I would soon publish a Wikileaks style cache of Anti-Cimex photos sourced from an anonymous operative. Here it is!

1. This one you may have already seen. Recently revealed data suggest that the punk with GBH on his leather is Charlie of Anti-Cimex. The photo was taken at a Shitlickers gig.

2. L–R: Two members of Anti-Cimex (Charlie and Jonsson) at a young age, accompanied by two handsome friends.

3.Jonsson hanging out with members of E.A.T.E.R. during the recording of "Doomsday Troops." Apparently he wanted to contribute back-up vocals but Ernst et al demurred.

4. Color! Here's a photo of Anti-Cimex playing in Göteborg with Discharge's banner in the background. This gig was a legendary two-day festival at Sprängkullen.

5. Jonsson, feeling fine.

 6. Jonsson playing drums on an outdoor stage for an unknown band. Ten years ago, I reported in MRR that Jonsson played drums for a time in Product Assar, who appeared on the first Really Fast compilation LP and BCT's uber-classic cassette "I Thrash Therefore I Am." No idea what band is depicted in this photo, but it appears to me to date from more toward the mid-80s, and I do not think Product Assar still existed at this point. Anyone have any further details? Other photos in this series depict a guitar player who looks like Lemmy.

 7. Undated live photo, likely from the 90s.

8. Here are four photos of Anti-Cimex playing a gig in Fagersta, Sweden, on May 4, 1991. GBH headlined.

That's all for now. I have more photos to be share some day in my own under-bed archive, and I'm sure there are many more moldering in other creeps' archives. Cimexleaks expects another dump soon.

To close, I would like to share this excellent article by Slavoj Žižek on Wikileaks and the farce of politics today, wherein "we can no longer pretend we don’t know what everyone knows we know."

photo nr 2

On photo nr 2
All are members of Anti-Cimex. The first one is Conrad on bass, my brother.
Then Charlie and Jonsson and the fourth I don´t remember his name,. Jocke?
He also played with them.


In the first picture, i believe the one who is looking in to the camera is
Charlie and not the dude with GBH on his back.

The second picture does not contain only Charlie and Jonsson.
the guy to the left is Jocke and the guy to the right is Conrad.

I think that the picture of Jonsson with the unknown date is from the same
live appearance as the four pictures beneath.

ooh, and Jonsson is just jamming some drums, his not playing for a band in that picture,

In the November 2011 issue of

In the November 2011 issue of MRR, there will be an interview with Swedish band E.A.T.E.R. which includes mention of Kloaken, the studio of Mikael from Asta Kask, and ithe interview includes a reference to the photo supposedly about Jonsson wanting to play with E.A.T.E.R. during the Doomsday Troops session: "Another thing happened during a recording with my other band InCharge when Jonsson from Anti-Cimex was visiting, he wanted to take part and play on some songs." In short, the band in the picture beside Jonsson was InCharge, not E.A.T.E.R. (maybe).


About pic no 1. Im NOT the guy with GBH but I am probably the guy by the stage with a AC/Anarchy on my arm.
About pic no 2: The two handsome guys :P are actually Jocke and Conrad. We took the pic when heading for Finland 1984?

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