Anti-Cimex + Discharge

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The internet's bounty overfloweth.

Go here for some photos of Discharge and a gig poster for Discharge and Anti-Cimex in Göteborg in 1982. Photos of Anti-Cimex from these gigs have been circulated widely by Distortion Records and bootleggers.

But is there a live tape?

Those Pics are from 1983 not

Those Pics are from 1983 not 1982, that's Pooch not Bones on guitar

That is indeed a fucking

That is indeed a fucking great question. I have asked so much people about any recordings, being swedish myself and having heard so much about this famous concert with Discharge and 'Cimex (well I believe it was two nights actaully). But noone seems to know...Anyways, the new fanzine archive "Punks Is Hippies" have a few zines with Anti Cimex interviews such as the seminal Swedish zine Sika Apara. If you are interested I can translate them for your site - it is one of the forthcoming ideas for the fanzine archive anyways, to translate interviews in non-English zines...let me know - drop me a comment in the blog.

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