Shitlickers Article from Crust War Zine #5 by Kawakami

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Here's a translation of an article penned by Kawakami (of Disclose) that appeared in Crust War zine #5 around 1998 or 1999. The article preceded an interview with Jonsson translated from Sika Äpärä zine #3. I've been meaning to publish this interview here for a while, but it's actually not very interesting, as it consists mostly of inside jokes. One highlight, though, is Jonsson saying that he considers the Pixies to be as important as Discharge! Anyway, this introductory article, by Kawakami, is remarkable for the amount of information it contains, considering that it preceded any online detective work and, to my knowledge, none of this information had appeared previously in English in zines. Therefore, Kawakami had to overcome at least two language barriers in the process of compiling it. I assume he obtained most of the info from the interview that accompanied this article and from Mats B., who was releasing and mastering Disclose recordings around this time. Although some of the information included here has since been debunked, no one has yet, to my knowledge, refuted the claim that up to three recordings beyond the 7" and planned 2nd 7" (released on the picture LP) exist. Unfortunately, no one has turned up these demos either. Thanks to Zach Howard for the translation (which I edited slightly), and eternal thanks to Kawakami. RIP.

Speaking of Discharge, D-beat. Speaking of D-beat, Sweden. Speaking of Sweden, Shitlickers (Skitslickers). Concerning Shitlickers, Crust War now receives these pages because I know as much as possible about Shitlickers that I think I want to write about them (if you know more, please teach me! Copy me flyers among other things please!).

The name is world famous and known by many, however, there are still many pieces to the puzzle. I think that there are not many people who know their history. So, the mini history of Shitlickers, which is obtained from Mats of Distortion Records, is being written from this point on.Formed in 1980 in GBG Sweden. At the beginning the members are Jimmy on guitar, Jimmy’s girlfriend Maria on bass and vocals, Skit-Lars also on vocals, and Gutte on Drums. In these days, demo #1 is recorded, it is said (unheard as of yet). After this the members change. Skit-Lasse (it is unclear if this is the same person as Skit-Lars) is on vocals, Jimmy on guitar, Bob on Drums, and playing bass in early Anti-Cimex, afterwards becoming the vocalist of Anti-Cimex, Jonsson (Tomas) joins on bass, also in Anti-Cimex during this time. In 1982 their 1st EP is released. Two kinds of sleeves exist for this EP, Finnish and English version is “Cracked Copskulls” (drawing sleeve). The domestic Swedish version is the war photograph sleeve “GBG 1982” (Also the band name has become Swedish, Skitslickers). By the way, recently “Cracked Copskulls” version was released as a boot split 7” with Anti-Cimex. “GBG 1982” version plus recording of unreleased 2nd EP was released as picture LP/CD from Distortion Records, have not heard yet but please check! However, the style of “GBG 1982” is different from the original. Whether or not the recording of this 1st EP is demo #2, I do not know.

And then, after that recording they did one for a 2nd EP, but regrettably, it was not released at the time it was done (is this recording demo #3??). But as written above, this recording was edited in side B of picture LP/CD and sunshine poured in.

As for the sound, the 1st EP is already a little developed. Impression of this record is raw and dirty running D-beat sound!! There are pros and cons, but I love the chaos!! Psycho!! Exactly the sense of Shitlickers! After that, in 1983, Jonsson leaves and afterwards, demo #4 is recorded, becoming Black Sabbath type (unheard as of yet). That year it’s said they broke up!!

So, they played live 4 times between 1980-1983 (among these, one time in 1981 with The Exploited). I heard this is where demo #4 exists from. Also, I don’t know what time the bass player on Anti-Cimex’ 3rd EP “Victims of a Bombraid”, Sixten, had also joined.

Now, it seems Skit-Lasse became a biker during those times (but even now too). He is really fearful; It’s said he is like a dangerous person (Surrounding Jonsson also seems fairly dangerous). According to some sources, he (Jonsson) was the target of the Anti-Cimex/Shitlickers boot 7”, among other things. Also, when the “GBG Hardcore Punk 81-85” CD was going to be released, Shitlickers name was included, but certain pressure was imposed after the flyer went out, and Shitlickers recording was not included in the comp CD.

Above, I wrote as much concerning Shitlickers as I know, but if you know more or have demo, you had better get in touch please! Dubbing please!

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