La Vida Es Un Mus Radio on NTS2 (2023)

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Sounds Title: 
La Vida Es Un Mus Radio on NTS2 (2023)

UK DIY Special


Devils Hole Gang “Free the People”
The Idiots “Julie”
They Must Be Russians “Psychoanalysis”
First Offence “Hammer and Sickle”
Hit Parade “This Is What You Find in Any Prison”
Base “Violent Death”
Petticoats “Paranoia”
Thin Yoghurts “Girl on the Bus”
Restricted Hours “Getting Things Done”
Vain Aims “Count”
Scrotum Poles “Helicopter Honeymoon”
The Door And The Window “I Like Sound”
Spunky Onions “How I Lost My Virginity”
Michael Barton, The Groovers “Right Money”
Danny & The Dressmakers “Don't Make Another Bassguitar Mr Rickenbaker”
You “Wrecker’s Song”
What Is Oil? “Human Suffering”
Vital Disorders “Prams”
Xtraverts “Police State (Version 2)”
Double Stilton & Red Leicester Aka The Agitators “On Your Last Trip to Earth”
Four Plugs “Biking Partner”
Clone 81 “Victim of Society”

Also available on Soundcloud