Two Anti-Cimex Interviews (which are both the same interview)

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In opposition to the top-down, hierarchical model of infotainment peddled to the masses by Shit-Fi, here are some crowd-sourced scans of interviews with Anti-Cimex. Turns out this interview in Sub #7 was later published in Sika Äpärä #2. I had intended to post these myself, as the Leader (etc), but now there's no need. Thanks to Tony for not insulting my laziness in his post. Thanks also to whoever sold that issue of Sub to me way back when. If only I instead had bought a time machine on eBay, I would've known that eventually it would turn up on teh internetz courtesy of a real punx. Other uses for time machine: sniffing glue at an Anti-Cimex gig in 1982, convincing Anti-Cimex to break up in 1984 after "VOAB", stealing master tape of Shitlickers 7" and pressing it as a 4xLP. The idioty. The idioty.

Sub interview page 1Sub interview page 2

This was I zine I made back

This was I zine I made back then, and I took the live photos aswell. Nice reminder.

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