Anti-Cimex Autobiography (1983)

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Tomas Jonsson, singer of Anti-Cimex, penned a brief autobiography of the band in the Raped Ass fanzine, which accompanied the first volume of the cassette compilation of the same name, which he and a member of Tatuerade Snutkukar released. Interestingly, Anti-Cimex did not appear on this cassette (or on the second volume). You can view the fanzine here. The Cimex piece is on the second, third, and fourth pages. Note the great photos of the band.

Here is a translation of the bio by Tony Gunnarson (thanks!): "Everything started with a band called BOHMAN BRINNER and this band consisted of Jonsson bass, Mangan drums, Jocke guitar, Nillen vocals. This band rehearsed pretty much but never got a gig. Everything got messed up and we simply had to kick out our drummer Mangan who was the reason why we had to miss countless damn rehearsals. The same weekend a friend from Skövde was visiting this friend was called Charlie and that would be our new drummer. We also got at the same time a new rehearsal space at Charlie's' home. We began to make new songs and after a while we had about ten songs that we ourselves thought were good. Now we began to think about making a record and we soon had the time in a studio 66 in Skövde. There we recorded the songs – Svaveldioxid, Heroindöd, Anticimex, Drömmusik, since we had never been to a studio before the result was pretty bad but primarily now we had made a record. We pressed the record in 500 ex and it is now sold-out, we sold it in Sweden, Finland, Brazil and few ex went to England. We are also asked to press up more ex of the record but it will probably not happen because we have changed the line-up after the record and because of that it does not feel as fun. On the other hand we have recorded another EP that is much better and rawer than the first and that record will be named Raped Ass and is sung even in English because of the reason that we will sell the record in Italy, Brazil, Finland, Holland etc. and if we had had all the songs in Swedish then we could not been able to share our message that does not only matter for Sweden but for all countries." Tony writes: "The original text by Jonsson has plenty of very basic spelling mistakes, such as 'were' instead of 'where' or 'their' instead of 'there,' I have not 'translated' spelling errors, but I kept his idioms ('and then we')." On the next page, there is a list of the band's releases thus far: Anarkist attack EP En product från dagens skitsamhälle Cassette ["A product of the shit-society of today"] A coming compilation LP Kloak Skrål 1 Cassette Two points: first, this list confirms that the band's cassette demo was not originally titled "Anarkist Attack," as is commonly thought (and indicated on multiple bootlegs of recent years). The cassette's sleeve does say "Anarkist Attack" on the front, but, in fact, the brilliant title was "En product från dagens skitsamhälle"; second, I assume the coming compilation LP was "Vägra För Helvete," which includes two incredible Cimex tracks (more on this in a future post), but it could also refer to the first compilation put out by Really Fast Records, which also includes Cimex tracks, from the same recording session.


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