Anti-Cimex living the life...

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Here's a photo of Jonsson of Anti-Cimex hanging out in a squat in Gothenburg circa 1984. He's the guy on the left. Nearly everyone's face in this photo is turned away from the camera, so it's hard to tell what other band members might be in it. My guess is there's at least one Tattooed Copcock in there. Note the great Kaaos/Anti-Cimex/Disarm gig poster above Jonsson.

Jonsson Squat Photo

Thanks to Levi, who got this photo from Marko, who released the many incredible Delirium Tremens cassette compilations in the 80s and 90s. Further info about the photo would be appreciated. Anyone?

Nice photo. Also note the

Nice photo. Also note the G-Anx poster (with the punked up donald duck), the black text says "Tomma hus" I think, that means "Empty house" which I take is a take on "Open House"? Is that guy on the right sniffing glue? Ha ha ha. But hey - Frosties and Dead Kennedys? (I don't recognise anyone else on this photo - but knowing that Jonsson hung out a lot in Goteborg while the rest of Anticimex lived in various other towns I don't think the other people have any direct connections to the band...that's my guess anyway.

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