Anti-Cimex Records promo flyers

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This is one of a series of "tribute" posts for Kawakami of Disclose, who died June 5, 2007. As you likely know, Kawakami was one of the greatest fans of Anti-Cimex and Skitslickers, and his music itself was a perpetual tribute to the these bands' method of using Discharge's template but "extreming" it. Kawakami shared with me a great deal of memorabilia that he had collected. I don't think he ever saw this archive, as I never sent him the URL. It pains me to no end that he will never see the progress of this project, which owes so much to him.

Here are two promotional flyers for Anti-Cimex Records that Kawakami copied for me. I have no information about these other than what is on the actual flyers. In fact, I'm not even sure this is two one-sided flyers rather than one two-sided flyer, but I have seen a one-sided version of the "Anticimex 005" flyer, though slightly different (and to be posted soon), which accompanied an original copy of the "Anarkist Attack" demo tape. These seem to date to '82 (I referenced it here). As is so often the case with these bands, these flyers raise more questions than they answer. What is "Anticimex 005" a reference to? The artwork here is partially the same as on their portion of the first "Really Fast" compilation. Also, the line-up listing here uses "Cutting" as the bassist's name instead of Conrad as on "Raped Ass." But where does the live photo below Mats's address come from? I'd love to see a better-quality copy of it. Maybe I have it somewhere in my files, and I just can't remember now. Also, gotta love the Shitlickers logo next to Mats's address. More on that soon.

I'm not sure how Kawakami acquired these, and I don't know if he had originals--and yes, the copy he sent is pixellated as you can see. These are nothing too special, but they are unique, especially the one with Mats's address on it, presumably mainly meant as a flyer for the Anti-Cimex Records "version" of the Shitlickers EP. Thank you, D-Beat Master.

Anti-Cimex Records promo flyer frontAnti-Cimex Records Promo Flyer

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