Bullshit Recordz 003 Variation of Skitslickers EP

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Late in 2006, an auction on eBay revealed the existence of yet another variation of the Skitslickers EP's sleeve. This one is on Bullshit Records, which released Anti-Cimex's first EP and Absurd's EP. The auction description tells a story about Bullshit Records intending to release the record but running out of money so that "Malign Massacre/Studio Lane" had to step in to release the record. I do not believe this story. What is important to note is that Mats Boldenmalm had his hand in nearly everything relating to Skitslickers and Anti-Cimex, and was also responsible for creating some of the rare sleeve variations, such as this one. One such variation he did not remember having made until it was shown to him many years later. For this and other reasons, I take all stories about "pressings" and amounts of records/sleeves made with a great deal of skepticism (the seller also told me that someone had told him 3 or 4 copies of this sleeve exist). Mats was quite kind and forthcoming to me in 2001 when I wrote to him asking many questions on the subject in the process of writing an article for Maximum Rocknroll about Swedish hardcore, but a great deal of minutia remains to be clarified. In that article, I wrote that Jonsson, bassist of Skitslickers, was the proprietor of Bullshit Recordz, but I don't remember the source of that information.


I believe this sleeve to have been created after the initial "GBG 1982" sleeve was made and circulated. The reason is simply that it quite clearly adds text to that sleeve, and this modification would have been easy to do. Furthermore, if the export versions of this record (on Malign Massacre) came after the "GBG 1982" version, the addition of the English title "Cracked Cop Skulls" to the "GBG 1982" image indicates to me that the later sleeve design was already in existence. Beyond that, the English on the sleeve as well as the prices for the records in GBP indicate that this sleeve was intended for export. Most likely, because so few are known to exist (um, 1 confirmed), as is so often the case, leftover vinyl was mated with newly made sleeves in order to sell a few more copies. The paper quality is totally different from that of the original "GBG 1982" sleeve. It is somewhat glossy and quite easily damaged, with ink coming off the paper at every bend, as can be seen in the photos below. I will post a further variation in the future, which is printed on the same paper but with a slightly different layout, which was certainly distributed in the UK. I believe the printing method used to be an early photocopy, but I am not sure of that. The paper is cut quite roughly. The front of the sleeve has a flap that folds up, but its dimensions are unclear from the photo because it seems that there are multiple folds in the sleeve. Additionally, the sleeve can be dated using the mailing address on it. Neither Absurd nor "Anarkist Attack" includes a mailing address for Bullshit Rec. On this sleeve, the flap has Mats's address, which was apparently current as of October 1983, when it appeared in MRR in an ad for "Brutal Chaos" zine + distribution. The same address also appears on a flyer (posted here) for "Anti-Cimex Rec." Finally, in case you weren't yet confused enough or are not convinced by my disquisition on when this variation was created, a further variation also with Bullshit Rec 003 written on it exists, with the same front of the sleeve as the typical white export version on Malign Massacre and a totally unique back (to be posted later, natch).

The final price of the auction was $347.00, with the reserve unmet. The seller indicated to me that the reserve was unreasonably high because he did not intend to sell the record so much as inspire knowledgeable viewers of the auction to tell him any stories they might have about the record.


Bullshit Rec 003 front Bullshit Rec 003 back

Bullshit Rec 003 back detail

The auction:

Bullshit Rec 003 eBay Auction 1 Skitslickers Bullshit Rec 003 Auction 2

The seller of the record

The seller of the record e-mailed me the following disputation. Who's right? You decide!

I can add that I know 2 other people who have this version and the Bullshit matrix ... Please contact Thomas Karlsson (SWE) and Fredrik Ljundberg (SWE) Both have exactly the same copy as I have and both were very close to the Anti Cimex crowd ... It is correct that the only owner of Bullshit Recs was the singer of Anti Cimex himself and not the singer of Absurd (= Mats)... But I know , including my copy 2 other (reliable) people have this. Wether it was done after or before the Swedish release variation remains of course a mistery ,...although what is a fact to me , is that this Bullshit sleeve misses info which you can find on the CBG sleeve.... So a raw version of the sleeve must have been used for this Bullshit version as on the CbG sleeve info was added on it .... In other words, although you can never be certain, I believe that this was the very first sleeve lay out for this ep contradiction to what you write in your article...