v/a "Kloak Skrål #1" cassette

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Anti-Cimex appeared on some cassette compilations released in Sweden in the period after the release of their first 7", before their second, when Jonsson took over vocal duties and the lyrics were in Swedish. This period is when the compilation LP tracks ("Really Fast" and "Vägra for Hëlvete") and "Anarkist Attack" demo were released. The tracks on these compilations were unique, whereas tracks appearing on later, foreign-released cassette compilations were duplicated on records. 

Both volumes of "Kloak Skrål" were released by Kloakens Alternativa Antistudio. Great name. The second volume of "Kloak Skrål" did not include Anti-Cimex. The second volume is much easier to find than the first, but both are great compilations.

Kloak Skral jacket 2

Kloak Skral jacket

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