Anti-Cimex "Victims of a ... Raped Ass" 12" test pressing

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Yet another Anti-Cimex test pressing from the vaults of Mats B. was auctioned on eBay. For punks of a certain generation (ie, mine), the Distortion Records reissue of the 2nd and 3rd Anti-Cimex EPs on a single 12", around the same time as the 12" version of the Shitlickers EP/unreleased EP, was more-or-less life-altering. I may be exaggerating somewhat, but for many of us, these releases were the first opportunity to absorb these legendary records. Although I do specifically remember the first time I heard Discharge (and, admittedly, I recall thinking "What's the big deal?"), I can't say I remember the first time I heard Anti-Cimex. But the odd, red-brick-colored vinyl of this release nevertheless became a prized possession, and even though it wasn't long until I had begun my pathological search for all pressing variations of the two original EPs, this particular reissue holds a special place in my heart. But not special enough for me to shell out $72 for a test pressing of it—the winning bid on this auction.

Anti-Cimex 12

Anti-Cimex 12

Note the promotional insert sheet, which reproduces the original reviews of these EPs from Maximum Rocknroll. The sheet depicted seems to be the original mock-up, complete with cut-and-pasted text, back when that phrase implied scissors and glue, rather than mouse clicks! Anyone's copy of the 12" include this promotional sheet? The regular release of the 12" did include an insert with photos and lyrics, which the test presssing on auction here does not. Weirdness alert: the picture of "Raped Ass" on this promotional insert is not actually the sleeve of the original "Raped Ass" EP, or at least not any version I've ever seen, because the layout of the band name at the top is different and it lacks the "10 Kr" price notation. Strange, right? Anyone ever seen an original EP with this sleeve? The sleeve of the 12", which isn't included in this auction, reproduced the common "Raped Ass" artwork but with that price blacked out. True snobs scoff at all the reproductions, on patches, t-shirts, flyers, etc., of the "Raped Ass" artwork that lack the "10 Kr" price, indicating they have been taken from this Distortion reissue (or the CD released simultaneously, which also lacks the "10 Kr" price). One last thing: I've always loved how cheap and flimsy that 12" sleeve is, complete with a top opening, like a 7" sleeve. It was easy. It was cheap. Etc.