Early Anti-Cimex gigs in Finland, vol. 2

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I previously posted about a gig in Naantali, Finland, where Anti-Cimex played with Vaurio (October 6, 1984). I had reported that this gig was the only one the band played in Finland in the early years. But I seem to have forgotten that this other poster was in my files. It lists two other gigs: one on the 5th in Turku and one on the 7th in Saari (I think), near the aptly named Punkaharju. Does anyone remember these gigs? Totally killer line-up here: Crude SS, Varaus, and Bedrövlerz, among others. The depressive brutality of these bands' take on hardcore combined with gallons of Finnish homebrew makes me think the punks must've experienced legendary hangovers when, or if, they ever sobered up. Hey, while we're at it: is it true Bedrövlerz recorded a cassette after their split with Asocial?

Cimex in Finland

Early Anti-Cimex gigs in Finland

Does February 2nd '85 count as early too? That's when Anti-Cimex played Finland next, in Vaasa (near Pietarsaari, which is the "P.Saari" in this poster, nowhere near Punkaharju, incidentally).
Anyways, quite a line-up in Vaasa too: w/ Disarm, Terveet K├Ądet, KTMK (Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio) and whatnot, if my memory serves...

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