Bohman Brinner Recordings Unearthed!

A few years ago, when I posted about the pre–Anti-Cimex bands Kloak, Bombhot, Avfall, and Bohman Brinner, one of the things I said was that no Bohman Brinner recordings or photos seemed to be extant. Yet Bohmann Brinner was the band that was closest to Anti-Cimex in the genealogy. Now, thanks to Nillen, the original singer of Anti-Cimex, who later went on to sing in DNA, we finally have recordings of Bohman Brinner available. They are remarkable, particularly because we can hear embryonic Anti-Cimex tuneage in them. Nillen posted three songs on Soundcloud: "Heroindöd," which became a Cimex song on the first EP, "Fattiga och Rika," and "Kyrkan Är en Bluff." There is also an attached photo of a flyer, which appears to date to the days of Bohman Brinner. It's got classic adolescent punky artwork. By the way, Gösta Bohman was a Swedish politician who came to prominence in the 1970s. "Brinner" means "burns."

Shitlickers Article from Crust War Zine #5 by Kawakami

Here's a translation of an article penned by Kawakami (of Disclose) that appeared in Crust War zine #5 around 1998 or 1999. The article preceded an interview with Jonsson translated from Sika Äpärä zine #3. I've been meaning to publish this interview here for a while, but it's actually not very interesting, as it consists mostly of inside jokes. One highlight, though, is Jonsson saying that he considers the Pixies to be as important as Discharge! Anyway, this introductory article, by Kawakami, is remarkable for the amount of information it contains, considering that it preceded any online detective work and, to my knowledge, none of this information had appeared previously in English in zines. Therefore, Kawakami had to overcome at least two language barriers in the process of compiling it. I assume he obtained most of the info from the interview that accompanied this article and from Mats B., who was releasing and mastering Disclose recordings around this time. Although some of the information included here has since been debunked, no one has yet, to my knowledge, refuted the claim that up to three recordings beyond the 7" and planned 2nd 7" (released on the picture LP) exist. Unfortunately, no one has turned up these demos either. Thanks to Zach Howard for the translation (which I edited slightly), and eternal thanks to Kawakami. RIP.

Shitlickers write-up from Game of the Arseholes zine #3

Here is an excerpt of an article I wrote in spring 2000 for my zine, Game of the Arseholes. The article was about some rare records (The Clay 7", E.A.T.E.R. 7", YDI 7", Mornington Crescent 7", etc.) I included some information I had recently obtained from a Swedish friend whom you might know as the proprietor of the Ken Rock record label. Not everything in this article is accurate, especially the pressing information, but it was the best information available at the time. This article and one I published in Maximum Rocknroll the next year about Swedish hardcore are, I believe, two sources for much of the pre-Wikipedia, pre-blog conventional wisdom on The Shitlickers. Today, I'd estimate I stand by approximately 80% of what is contained in this piece. The enthusiasm for the music, however, is undiminished.

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