Ad for "Victims of a Bombraid" EP

Here's a small ad for "Victims of a Bombraid" that appeared in Fight Back zine from England, put out by a member of No Brain Cells and Deformed (and later Cress). Killer artwork. It's alongside reviews of Raw Power's demo, Electric Deads "Mind Bomb" EP, a story about RIP from Spain, etc. The golden age of European hc, indeed.


Courtesy of: Clint Chapman.

Anti-Cimex Records ad (MRR #13)

Here is one of several ads for Anti-Cimex Records, run by Mats Bodenmalm, that appeared in fanzines circa 1984. This one was printed in the April/May 1984 issue of Maximum Rocknroll, the "Does Punk Suck?" issue. (You can read more about this label/distribution here and here, in previous posts.) The ad predates the planned release of the third Cimex EP, in March 1984, even though it was printed in the issue dated April/May. Most interestingly, the planned title of the third EP was "Set Me Free," as you can see below. "Victims of a Bombraid," the first track on the second side, rather than the second ("Set Me Free") is a much more memorable title for the EP. I believe one explanation of the enduring legacy of this band is the vicious and bleak aura of the titles of their three 80s EPs (Anarkist Attack, Raped Ass, and Victims of a Bombraid). They have become iconic, and in the pre-internet era, I know many of my punk friends knew these titles long before we heard the actual records. Along with Shitlickers' "Cracked Cop Skulls," these records certainly lived up to the promise of their titles.

Anti-Cimex Records ad

Anti-Cimex Records promo flyers

This is one of a series of "tribute" posts for Kawakami of Disclose, who died June 5, 2007. As you likely know, Kawakami was one of the greatest fans of Anti-Cimex and Skitslickers, and his music itself was a perpetual tribute to the these bands' method of using Discharge's template but "extreming" it. Kawakami shared with me a great deal of memorabilia that he had collected. I don't think he ever saw this archive, as I never sent him the URL. It pains me to no end that he will never see the progress of this project, which owes so much to him.

Earache ad January 1985

Here is an advertisement for records distributed by Earache Records from Nottingham, England (Yes, that Earache). The ad appeared in Phoenix Militia, a UK hardcore and metal fanzine, that had previously been called Phoenix from the Crypt. Of note is the availability of "Raped Ass," which was released in 1983. Also, I love the quote "Buy these records -- to make your ears bleed and your brain think." It is interesting to see which records were distributed overseas and which, apparently, weren't selling very quickly.

Earache Records ad

This small flyer advertising the "Raped Ass" EP was included with an "Anarkist Attack" demo. raflyer.jpg Courtesy of: Shoko
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