International Jailbreakers

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A few Cimex collectorscenti have been sending e-mails back and forth lately trying to confirm—but really propagating—the rumor of the existence of a band from Göteborg in the early 1980s called International Jailbreakers, featuring members of you know who.

Here is what is known:

Jimmy and Bob Stacey from Shitlickers on guitar and drums, respectively, Konrad from Anti-Cimex on bass, plus a few other local scum, possibly a vocalist reading or screaming lines of poetry instead of classic hardcore lyrics, as well as some other local punter on drums or percussion of some sort.

It is likely that International Jailbreakers never played together, neither live nor even rehearsal.

Chances of a sound source popping up is extremely unlikely.

One source tells me that collectors he knows are trying to track down photos of the band members drinking together and other tidbits. The holy grail is a flyer no one has seen for 30 years, which is reputed to mention the band.

I'm not sure what to think about this rumor other than that it confirms that it never ends. Watch this space for updates.

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