Anti-Cimex Photos (teaser)

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In advance of a Wikileaks-style dump of a cache of Anti-Cimex photos that I obtained from an anonymous source, here is a separate post with some photos recently auctioned on eBay.

The auction listing said:

I was lucky enough to see Anti Cimex play live in Birmingham in July 1986. I took my old 110 camera and took 4 photos of Jonsson.

Top left is a really good close up! And bottom right is a cool shot of Jonsson looking out of it! (sorry about my reflection in photos)

The other 2 photos are not so good

They are 6"x4" (12cm x 9cm) and i will send negatives.

The final price was £19.18.

This sort of auction veers toward the folk-art/Antiques Roadshow side of punk rock collecting. A previously unknown piece of ephemera coming up for sale makes its own market for that brief moment and then disappears into the hands of some nutcase (likely a friend or acquaintance of mine) who desires to own something that strikes me as valuable only for the purpose of expanding the public archive (ie, published on a site like this one or printed in a fanzine or record sleeve). To buy something like this and hoard it seems crazy—though craziness is the sine qua non of this world, and we all exhibit it to varying degrees from one day to the next. Still, the photos hold little aesthetic interest, and I have a hard time imagining that anyone other than the person who took the photos and sold them would have sentimental interest in them (unless the winner attended this gig). Thanks to eBay's privacy policies, we can ascertain only these somewhat prurient details about recent items bid on by the winner, falling into these categories: 

 Music > Punk/ New Wave
 Toys & Games > Branded Soft Toys
 Toys & Games > Other Action Figures
 Music > Rock
 Music > 7'' Singles
 Music > 7'' Singles
 Music > 7'' Singles

The last three (singles) all came from the seller of the photos, but the winner of the photos didn't win those auctions. (Just some totally superfluous detective work there.) Anyway, perhaps the winner will contact me and reveal himself or herself. Perhaps the source of the soon-to-be-revealed cache of Cimex photos is this deep-pocketed auction winner!

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