Anti-Cimex Live in the UK Videos

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Recently posted to YouTube is a three-part video of Anti-Cimex playing live in Nottingham, England, on their 1986 tour.

Part one (including the end of Heresy's set):

Part two:

Part three:

Check out Jocke's shirt. Think it's an Anti-Cimex/Agoni "Chainsawtour-86" shirt or just a Texas Chainsaw Massacre shirt? Reports from those who remember the gig suggest that no tour shirts were available. Thanks to Tony for the screen-grab.

Here is another video, of Anti-Cimex in Gateshead on the same tour.

This video is shorter but perhaps more powerful. The beginning reminds me a bit of Antisect's live set from Leeds, four months earlier in 1986. That intro particularly, and the entire set, which was recently released on vinyl, is the best UK crust recording of all time. Period. (I posted about this Cimex video a few years back, when I thought it was from Leeds. That is incorrect. I have updated that post accordingly.)

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