Classic Anti-Cimex Flyers (1986) [updated]

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Here is a flyer for what must have been one of the greatest gigs of 1986, at Birkagården, with Anti-Cimex, Mob 47, Agoni, and Disarm. Just pause and savor that line-up for a moment. Mob 47 were blazingly fast then; recordings from around this time appear on their 2xCD, reviewed elsewhere on this site. Disarm may have been somewhat less great than earlier in their career but probably still awesome. The short-lived Agoni were likely at their peak, before shifting directions and becoming a metal band. And Anti-Cimex in 1986 were brutal, drunk, and in the process of inventing metallic käng, which would become a dominant style of Swedish hardcore in the ensuing years. 

Birkagarden gig w/ Agoni

(Sorry for the glare; the paper is glossy.)

This gig took place in April, I think. Anti-Cimex's UK tour with Agoni was in June. At least one of the gigs, in Gateshead (North of England), used the Birkagården flyer as the basis for its flyer. You can see the crude cut-and-paste covering over the band names. Wish I could've seen Napalm Death in 1986. Dan, not so much. 

Gateshead gig w/ Agoni

Here is another large poster for the Gateshead gig that I just acquired, with Existenz as the headlining band. With their Brit-punk style and appearance on a UK-released compilation LP or two, maybe Existenz deserved to headline the gig. But why weren't they listed on the other flyer? Did they actually play? This poster is large, 1.5' by 2' or so. Let's get drunk before it's too late, indeed.

Existenz poster