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Anti-Cimex "Absolut" LP test pressing

Collecting test pressings is boring. Collecting test pressings of great bands' later records (even if still great) is soporific. But someone whose portfolio hasn't been affected by the economic crisis shelled out $133.50 to be the proud owner of one of the five test pressings of the "Absolut" LP by Anti-Cimex. No metal, no funk, no death, just a lot of cash. The main selling points were that the previous owner was one Mats B. and it includes some weird insert/t-shirt order form. Watching what Mats has been unloading on eBay over the past couple months has been quite interesting, but I have yet to be blown away. Here's hoping he trots out something beyond giga-bonzer status soon (ahem...Shitlickers rehearsal tape...ahem).

Two Anti-Cimex Interviews (which are both the same interview)

In opposition to the top-down, hierarchical model of infotainment peddled to the masses by Shit-Fi, here are some crowd-sourced scans of interviews with Anti-Cimex. Turns out this interview in Sub #7 was later published in Sika Äpärä #2. I had intended to post these myself, as the Leader (etc), but now there's no need. Thanks to Tony for not insulting my laziness in his post. Thanks also to whoever sold that issue of Sub to me way back when. If only I instead had bought a time machine on eBay, I would've known that eventually it would turn up on teh internetz courtesy of a real punx. Other uses for time machine: sniffing glue at an Anti-Cimex gig in 1982, convincing Anti-Cimex to break up in 1984 after "VOAB", stealing master tape of Shitlickers 7" and pressing it as a 4xLP. The idioty. The idioty.

Sub interview page 1Sub interview page 2

Anti-Cimex Autobiography (1983)

Tomas Jonsson, singer of Anti-Cimex, penned a brief autobiography of the band in the Raped Ass fanzine, which accompanied the first volume of the cassette compilation of the same name, which he and a member of Tatuerade Snutkukar released. Interestingly, Anti-Cimex did not appear on this cassette (or on the second volume). You can view the fanzine here. The Cimex piece is on the second, third, and fourth pages. Note the great photos of the band.

Ad for "Victims of a Bombraid" EP

Here's a small ad for "Victims of a Bombraid" that appeared in Fight Back zine from England, put out by a member of No Brain Cells and Deformed (and later Cress). Killer artwork. It's alongside reviews of Raw Power's demo, Electric Deads "Mind Bomb" EP, a story about RIP from Spain, etc. The golden age of European hc, indeed.


Courtesy of: Clint Chapman.

Anti-Cimex Records ad (MRR #13)

Here is one of several ads for Anti-Cimex Records, run by Mats Bodenmalm, that appeared in fanzines circa 1984. This one was printed in the April/May 1984 issue of Maximum Rocknroll, the "Does Punk Suck?" issue. (You can read more about this label/distribution here and here, in previous posts.) The ad predates the planned release of the third Cimex EP, in March 1984, even though it was printed in the issue dated April/May. Most interestingly, the planned title of the third EP was "Set Me Free," as you can see below. "Victims of a Bombraid," the first track on the second side, rather than the second ("Set Me Free") is a much more memorable title for the EP. I believe one explanation of the enduring legacy of this band is the vicious and bleak aura of the titles of their three 80s EPs (Anarkist Attack, Raped Ass, and Victims of a Bombraid). They have become iconic, and in the pre-internet era, I know many of my punk friends knew these titles long before we heard the actual records. Along with Shitlickers' "Cracked Cop Skulls," these records certainly lived up to the promise of their titles.

Anti-Cimex Records ad

Anti-Cimex / Agoni tour poster

Here's a tour poster from the 1986 Anti-Cimex / Agoni tour of the UK. It's in the classic style of tour posters sent to promoters for them to fill in the local details. Funny (meaning "not so funny") that this simple device is probably going the way of the dodo due to the Internet. Perhaps unsurprisingly it seems Anti-Cimex were fans of horror films.

Chainsaw Tour poster

Jonsson Trivia (Disarm)

According to Disarm's webpage, Jonsson, singer of Anti-Cimex, made the iconic artwork for the front of the sleeve of their 2nd EP, "Dömd." A true artistic visionary.


Anti-Cimex Interview from Finnish zine, 1982

The Finnish blog Saapasnahkatorni has published an interview with Jonsson from Anti-Cimex, originally printed in an old Finnish zine. Thankfully, it's been translated into English.


Steffi: What do you do on your free time?

T.J: We play, drink, fuck and puke.

Go here for a scan and the rest of the interview.

Thanks to Tony in Hackney for forwarding this to me originally.


Anti-Cimex living the life...

Here's a photo of Jonsson of Anti-Cimex hanging out in a squat in Gothenburg circa 1984. He's the guy on the left. Nearly everyone's face in this photo is turned away from the camera, so it's hard to tell what other band members might be in it. My guess is there's at least one Tattooed Copcock in there. Note the great Kaaos/Anti-Cimex/Disarm gig poster above Jonsson.

Jonsson Squat Photo

Thanks to Levi, who got this photo from Marko, who released the many incredible Delirium Tremens cassette compilations in the 80s and 90s. Further info about the photo would be appreciated. Anyone?

Skitslickers graffiti

Thanks to Tony Gunnarsson, who sent me a link, here is a photo of original Skitslickers graffiti painted on the wall of a squat in Gothenburg. The photo is from a scanned porno magazine, which published a report on the squat scene in the city in the early 1980s. The article also mentions Tattooed Copcocks (Tatuerade Snutkukar). Incredible find, I think.

Skitslickers graffiti