Anti-Cimex Archive

"Raped Ass" test pressing (take 3)

Here is another post about a test pressing of "Raped Ass." The previous ones are here and here. Obviously, this archive could easily degenerate into a collectorsfrenzy style log of highly priced auctions on eBay (Cimex-frenzy?). I've been tempted, but that's not quite the point. Rather, the idea is to collect together previously unknown or undercirculated information and ephemera related to Anti-Cimex and Shitlickers.

Cimexleaks: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

This is the third installment of Cimexleaks. Check the previous ones here and here.

International Jailbreakers

A few Cimex collectorscenti have been sending e-mails back and forth lately trying to confirm—but really propagating—the rumor of the existence of a band from Göteborg in the early 1980s called International Jailbreakers, featuring members of you know who.

Here is what is known:

Before Anti-Cimex: Kloak, Avfall, Bombhot, Bohman Brinner

Serious fans of Skitslickers and Anti-Cimex may already know that there were at least four bands that included Tomas Jonsson before the classic bands were formed. These bands were Kloak, Bombhot, Avfall, and Bohman Brinner. But only recently, to my knowledge, has any documentation of the existence of the first two—Kloak and Bombhot—circulated among collectors.

Andra Takter: Sixten of Anti-Cimex on film

An archival discovery set the internet ablaze in the last couple days. E-mails have been shooting around the globe, followed by eager posts on message boards and blogs. Everyone is so excited about a simply sublime short film released in 1985 that documents some moments in the life of a young punk rocker, Sixten Andersson, who played bass on "Victims of a Bombraid." The flim was posted on a newly opened archival site produced by a Swedish television station.

One pal who e-mailed me about the discovery said this:

Cimexleaks: Photo Dump

I previously posted that I would soon publish a Wikileaks style cache of Anti-Cimex photos sourced from an anonymous operative. Here it is!

1. This one you may have already seen. Recently revealed data suggest that the punk with GBH on his leather is Charlie of Anti-Cimex. The photo was taken at a Shitlickers gig.

Anti-Cimex Live in the UK Videos

Recently posted to YouTube is a three-part video of Anti-Cimex playing live in Nottingham, England, on their 1986 tour.

Part one (including the end of Heresy's set):

Anti-Cimex Live Recordings 84-86

Here is a link to one of the best Anti-Cimex live recordings in circulation, posted a couple months back on a Swedish blog. My guess is that the live recording occurred soon after the recording/release of "Victims of a Bombraid." It includes songs from that EP as well as from their previous EP.

Anti-Cimex Photos (teaser)

In advance of a Wikileaks-style dump of a cache of Anti-Cimex photos that I obtained from an anonymous source, here is a separate post with some photos recently auctioned on eBay.

The auction listing said:

I was lucky enough to see Anti Cimex play live in Birmingham in July 1986. I took my old 110 camera and took 4 photos of Jonsson.

Skitslickers Remedial

My friend Chris wrote to say that he noticed an ambiguity in my post about the obviously fake Shitlickers 7". Let me be clear: I have never had any doubt as to whether this sleeve was "legit." It was obviously made recently. Chris writes:

That typeface for SKITSLICKERS is definitely a computer generated font, I'm pretty sure I have it at home. You can tell just from looking at the distress marks on the repeating letters (check out those little dots in the lower part of the I's), and the baseline and kerning are too exact to not be a computer generated font.

Indeed. Why someone made this fake sleeve and sent it to me is another question. It has all the hallmarks of a record-collector jape, what with the reference to buying it from a German and all. Torbjörn Nilsson, you so funny.