More photos of Shitlickers

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Taken from the band's "official" Myspace page, here are three photos. This poor-quality live shot isn't as violent-looking as the live shot linked in a previous post, but it captures a certain energy nonetheless.

Shitlickers 1

This is the original version of the photo used in full on the back of the "GBG 1982" sleeve and in part on the red, green, and yellow "export" sleeves.

Back of p/s photo

Most exciting is this photo, which I've never seen before. It's ostensibly from the same shoot as the above photo. No surprise they didn't use this one on the sleeve, as the band looks about .01% as menacing as in the other photos (except Lasse, who must've had this great scowl planted on his face for the entirety of 1982). Jonsson channels John Lennon (or something), and Bob Stacy just looks like a Swedish guido. I love it.

Unseen Shitlickers photo

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