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If you want to contribute something, please send an email to explaining what you have, how you obtained it, and any other pertinent details. Please do not send files without inquiring first, but do be prepared to send high-quality scans or sound files.
Please feel free to use the comments feature to add any information or ask questions on previous posts.

the system is still a raped ass

hi dear,

i have been on your great blog a few times though.

and now i think it's time to write and tell you and, even if , i think i know many facts about em, i still discover facts about one of my all time fave band Anti-Cimex i haven't known before.

yeah, of course i have most of their ,original, records.

that's because i have been listing to Punk Rock since 79 and i 1st discovered scandinavian Punk Rock in 81 or so. so i got in contact with Mats Bodenmalm very early.

so while reading your blog i just had a look at my Anti-Cimex singles.i have a clear vinyl issue of the Raped Ass ep but without a cover.and i have a Raped Ass repress on Really Fast Rec.

yeah, it would be really cool to hear from you. where do you live though.

oh, about Anti-Cimex live in germany. i am sure they never played here, speaking of that obscure single that was maybe bought at a german gig. maybe i guess who that"german punker" might be, who sold that ep.i know stories beside that , that Jonsson and other guys where here in kiel, travelling from GBG by the ferry, in the 80 s and got very drunk and were arrestd on the ferry for violating on it.

ok, so far all the best

cheers from kiel says