Anti-Cimex / Agoni tour poster

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Here's a tour poster from the 1986 Anti-Cimex / Agoni tour of the UK. It's in the classic style of tour posters sent to promoters for them to fill in the local details. Funny (meaning "not so funny") that this simple device is probably going the way of the dodo due to the Internet. Perhaps unsurprisingly it seems Anti-Cimex were fans of horror films.

Chainsaw Tour poster

Anyone who caught the Disclose tour of the west coast of the US may notice a resemblance between this poster and that tour's poster. In addition, the split EP with Framtid released to coincide with that tour (Framtid had to cancel due to visa difficulties) used this same iconic image. I know members of both bands are fans of the horror genre, so their appropriation of the image was an homage both to Anti-Cimex/Agoni and to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. On top of that, however, I know at that point Kawakami had become obsessed with what he called the "chainsaw" guitar sound. You can hear that sound on the Disbones material released circa 2004 (eg, the split with Framtid). I remember him mentioning that he wanted to hear certain obscure US hardcore bands, like Malefice, that used the chainsaw guitar sound even if they didn't play the d-beat--which was quite shocking. Ha!

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