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Here's a rather typical interview of an '80s hardcore band (Anti-Cimex, in this case) from the Swedish fanzine Punk and Disorderly. Thank you to Patrik Sjosten for the scan and Peter Jidling for the translation. The introduction is included.

Cimex Punk and Disorderly 1

Cimex Punk and Disorderly 2

Anti-Cimex is a rawpunk band from the city of punk, Gothenburg. During their 4 years as a band, they have released 3 EPs, “Anarkist Attack,” “Raped Ass,” and their new one, “Victims of a Bombraid.” Here’s an interview with Charlie and Jonsson of Anti-Cimex. Read and enjoy.

Q: When did you start to play?

A: We started playing in September 1981.

Q: What’s your current line up?

A: Jonsson- 21 years, vox Charlie- 20 years, drums Jocke- 18 years, guitar Konrad- 19 years, bass

Q: Do you have any influences?

A: At the moment no but when we started I guess bands like Discharge, Disorder, Chaos UK, Chaotic Dischord, and Black Sabbath were an influence.

Q: Your funnest show was…

A: All shows are fun, you can’t really pick one.

Q: Any upcoming releases?

A: We have an LP comin if that’s enough.

Q: Is “Victims of a Bombraid” selling well?

A: Yes, the first press is sold out and we’re doing a repress of about 500 copies.

Q: What do you think about Oi!?

A: The name’s a joke, and the music called Oi! is usually shit. I guess Blitz and a few are the exceptions.

Q: Have you played abroad yet?

A: Yeah, we played Finland a couple of times and we have gigs coming up in both Germany and UK.

Q: What do you think about fanzines?

A: Fuckin A! They are the core of the punk movement. Although you get kinda tired when you get 3-4 interviews a week. But you noticed they’re needed (thanks for the compliment –ed.)

Q: Tell us something about yourselves.

A: Not much to say really. We’re doing what everybody else is doing apart from that everybody is unemployed, except for Jocke who is in school.

Q: Are you political?

A: Sorta kinda.

Q: Do you believe in a 3rd world war?

A: I don’t think I can answer that but that ain’t a question to discuss.

Q: How did you get your name?

A: Well, we had rats in our practice space, so we had to call Anti-Cimex (exterminator –translator) and after they got rid of the rats, they put an Anti-Cimex sticker on our door and so we took the name.

Q: Do you have trouble getting gigs?

A: Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Q: Who writes the lyrics and music?

A: Jocke and me (Charlie) write most of the lyrics and some of the music.

Q: What’s most important?

A: At the shows, the music is most important.

Q: Who distributes your records?

A: Random people.

Q: What do you think of Nazis?

A: They should be hung by their fucking balls.

Q: Do you want anarchy?

A: Yes.

Q: Where do you call to book you guys?

A: Call and ask for Charlie or Jonsson.

Q: Anything else?

A: Send IRC with the interview for faster reply.

There is another Cimex

There is another Cimex interview on the KFTH page for the band, but I guess you've seen it already...

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